What are service costs?

Common service costs are gas, water, electricity, internet, cleaning costs, and so on. In addition, the tenant is responsible for minor daily repairs. This includes interior painting, securing loose parts as far as they are not worn, washing accessible windows or replacing the rubber rings when the tap is dripping.

The service costs that you pay monthly are an advance on the amount that you actually use. After each calendar year, the landlord must provide an overview to indicate how much you have used. The landlord must prepare an annual statement in which all costs incurred are specified. This annual statement is then placed next to your paid advances. If you have paid too much in advances, you will get some money back. If you have paid too little in advances, you will have to pay some extra yourself. If you have paid too much in advance, you must receive a refund from the landlord.

If the landlord does not provide this overview, or you do not agree with the advance, we can help you object to this.