The landlord says he’s not returning my deposit. What can I do?

The landlord must inspect the house beforehand to indicate how your home must be delivered and which defects you still need to repair. After the rental contract has been terminated and you have delivered your living space, the landlord must repay the deposit. If there are still defects, the landlord may settle this with the deposit. However, conflicts sometimes arise here because landlords do not act in the correct way or come up with new facts.

Landlord must adhere to these rules:

  • An initial inspection before you move into the home or on the first day of moving into the living space. You should be there and receive confirmation of this inspection afterwards;
  • An interim inspection when you indicate that you are going to leave the house. The landlord gives you proof of what you still need to repair before you leave the house;
  • A final inspection in which the landlord points out what has not been repaired and for which he will withhold a deposit. You will also receive proof of this.

If the landlord has not carried out these inspections, no deposit may be withheld! If the landlord does not (fully) repay the deposit and you do not agree with this, the Huurteam will help you take the right steps in this regard.