I want to terminate my contract. Is that possible?

You sign a contract for a period, which includes a notice period. However, you sometimes have the option to cancel your lease earlier. It all depends on the type of contract you signed.

  • Contract for an INDEFINITE PERIOD OF TIME: The notice period is a payment term, which is usually one month. If you cancel in June, your contract will expire on the last day of July.
  • Contracts for an INDEFINITE TERM CONTRACT WITH MINIMUM DURATION: These types of contracts often have a minimum duration of twelve months. You cannot cancel the contract within these first twelve months. After that, the rules as described above apply for a specific time. If you want to cancel before the minimum term has expired, we advise you to contact the landlord and explain your situation. Perhaps you can come to a compromise.
  • FIXED-TERM CONTRACTS: Fixed-term contracts can always be terminated, even if the contract states that this is not the case.
  • SHORT STAY CONTRACTS: These contracts do not fall under tenancy law, but many short stay contracts are used incorrectly, so you may have a different type of contract. Please contact one of our consultants for more information.