Rental price reduction

“This house is more expensive because it is in the center of Tilburg”, “There is little supply, so prices will rise”, “Close to the university, so you pay extra for that”, … There is no argument that we haven't heard yet. These statements ensure that tenants pay hundreds of euros too much every month for their home. However, this often goes against the legal rules that determine the level of house prices.

The Housing Valuation System (popularly referred to as “the point system” or "woningwaarderingsstelsel" in Dutch) applies to rental properties and determines the maximum reasonable basic rental price that can be charged. The point system does not apply to rental properties in the free sector. A home must have at least 145 points for rental in the free sector. Landlords must adhere to this, but this certainly isn't always the case.

I can get a refund?!

In some cases it is possible to reduce the rent retroactively from the effective date of your rental contract. This is called a Initial Rent Check ("Toets aanvangshuurprijs" in Dutch). If you start a procedure within six months after signing your rental contract, you can claim overpaid money back retroactively. With a fixed-term contract, this term is even longer.

Have you been living in your new home for more than six months? No worries! You may be entitled to a reduction of your rent from the start date of the procedure with the Rent Tribunal. If you pay too many service costs, there is damage to the property that the landlord does not want to repair and/or you pay an all-in rent, a reduction is also a possibility. See our other services for this.

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