Service costs

A rent consists of various components, including the basic rent and the service costs. For service costs, think of the bed that was already in your room or cleaning costs for a joint stairwell. Gas, water and electricity can also be included in the service costs. Your landlord is legally obliged to provide an overview of the actual costs actually at the end of the year and to settle these costs with you. Some landlords charge an all-in rental price. The service costs and the basic rent are calculated together into one amount. So you do not know exactly what you are paying for what, whether the annual rent increase is correct and what your settlement of the service costs will be at the end of the year.

I don't really know what I paid for all this time.

When you rent a home, you pay a monthly advance on your service costs. The intention is that this is an estimate of the costs that you'll incur during the year. The landlord is not allowed to earn anything on this, it is about your consumption. In addition, the law also lays down for which items service costs may be charged and for which items not. The tenant is entitled to request and receive a statement from the landlord at the end of the year.

Overpaid service costs should be refunded. If you have not yet received this, you can reclaim it for every accommodation in which you have lived in the past two years. (Even if you no longer live in the same house). With the help of Huurteam Tilburg, you'll get a good estimate whether you're paying too much service costs or have been doing so the past year(s).

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