About us

As of July 1, 2021, the pilot of Huurteam Tilburg started in collaboration with the municipality of Tilburg. The goal: fair, free and accessible legal information and advice for all residents of the municipality of Tilburg to support them with questions about rent, defects in the home, service costs, rental contracts and more.

Do you have questions about our procedures or how we work? Contact us through our contact form or read methods.

Huurteam Tilburg helps tenants in the municipality of Tilburg with all kinds of legal issues related renting a home and everything that entails. This may concern, for example, the amount of the basic rent, the service charge settlement (or lack thereof), maintenance problems or splitting an all-in rental price.

Confronting your landlord is in many cases not pleasant for tenants because of their dependent position. Many tenants are also not very familiar with tenancy law. For these reasons, excessive rents and other abuses are often not noticed or addressed. On the basis of the points system, we determine the legally maximum permitted basic rental price. 

If you pay too much for your home, Huurteam Tilburg can assist you in contacting the landlord and/or the Rent Tribunal (Huurcommissie). In addition, Huurteam Tilburg provides legal advice in the field of tenancy law.