Our services

You can contact Huurteam Tilburg for a variety of services, including assistance with procedures for reducing your rental price if it turns out that you pay more than is allowed according to the point system, but also detecting defects in the maintenance of your home and assistance with procedures to obtaining a fair settlement of your service costs and splitting your all-in rental price.

Huurteam Tilburg can carry out the agreed services at the Rent Tribunal by means of an authorization. By authorizing us you won't have to do any legal matters yourself. Huurteam Tilburg will keep you informed of the progress of you procedures.

In most procedures it is necessary (and legally required) that the landlord is informed of the findings of Huurteam Tilburg. Depending on the type of procedure, the landlord has three weeks to two months to respond to the proposal or request. If there's no response, or an unsatisfactory response, a request is submitted to the Rent Tribunal. These letters and contact moments are arranged by Huurteam Tilburg. As a tenant you do not have to do this yourself. In addition, we also take care of the mediation with the landlord, so that you do not have to enter into the discussion independently.