Overdue maintenance

It does not matter whether you have been living in Tilburg for a while or have just found a home: you do not have to settle for overdue maintenance. Homes with leaks, mold, wood rot, …. Usually the landlord ensures that complaints are resolved quickly and easily. But this is unfortunately not always the case. Huurteam Tilburg can help you to find a solution for these issues.

Should I fix it myself?

A landlord is legally obliged to maintain his rental property. What many tenants do not know is that in the event of poor maintenance, the tenant can be entitled to a temporarily lower rent. There are some rules to this, such as that you have to inform the landlord and that you have to give him enough time to resolve the issue(s).

If this does not help, Huurteam Tilburg can help you by starting a procedure 'Rental reduction on the basis of maintenance defects' with the Rent Tribunal. This gives the landlord an extra incentive to solve the problem.

Are you currently experiencing a maintenance deficiency? Then contact Huurteam Tilburg immediately. We prioritize these requests, so that you can enjoy your home again that much sooner.