Contract checks

There are different types of rental contracts, including the contract for a definite period, an indefinite period, the 'landlady' arrangement, a user agreement, etc. Which one you have is of great importance for the rights and obligations associated with it. When you are in doubt about the content of your contract, it is difficult to find out exactly what your rights and obligations are. After all, these contracts are usually written in legal 'language'.

There are a few things that must be included in every type of contract, such as the full name of the tenant and landlord, location of the living space, the date of signing, a description of the other room(s), the rent/service costs, the commencement date and agreements regarding maintenance obligations.

My landlord wants to terminate my contract!

There are many reasons why a lease can be terminated. Sometimes there is a contract for a definite period of time. Failure to pay the rent or causing serious nuisance are also examples of reasons why a landlord can terminate the lease. However, a landlord may not just evict his tenant from the house.

As a tenant you have sometimes found a better or cheaper home. Huurteam Tilburg looks at your contract with you to determine your rights, such as:

  • Do you have a rental contract for a defined or undefined period?
  • What is the statutory notice period? From when can you cancel the contract?
  • Has the landlord adhered to the legal obligations regarding the termination of the lease?

Be sure to contact us when you notice issues with your rental contract. Please include your contract in our contact form so that one of our consultants can look at it immediately.