Huurteam Tilburg offers free of charge services to all residents in the municipality of Tilburg. We can give you free advice, answer your questions, contact your landlord and support you with the Rent Tribunal. We can all do this because the Municipality of Tilburg has decided to finance the Huurteam from the national approach 'Good landlordship' of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. 

If you choose to start a procedure with the Rent Tribunal, you will incur legal costs. These costs are 25 euros per started procedure. We advance these costs and then bill them at a later date. We do this because the payment must be made immediately upon starting the procedure.

Due to our financing, it is unfortunately not possible for us to take up legal proceedings. For this we have good contacts with the social legal profession who can do this. Attorney fees depend on your income. People with low income (which includes students with a student job or someone who borders or is below the social assistance standard) are charged the low segment, which means that legal fees are almost free and in some cases completely free of charge.