Things often go well between tenant and landlord, but occasionally conflicts arise and emotions run high. Huurteam Tilburg can offer its expertise in situations in which you've lost the feeling of safety in your own home due to intimidation.

Unsafe situations

When you're dealing with individuals who you don't know or don't trust in your home, it's imperative you let your landlord know. Are you verbally or physically threatened or are damages to the home by others? Please contact the police immediately to file a report. 

Notify the landlord in writing and send photos if damage has been caused or if foreign persons have gained access to the (common) living space. 

My landlord is intimidating me, what should I do?

Everyone has the right to privacy. This is how most people feel safest in their own home. For this reason, a landlord may never gain unauthorized access to your home, nor to the common areas. In addition, a landlord may not just come by to carry out maintenance. He must ask permission for this.

There are also landlords who display intimidating behavior in a conflict situation. For example, by threatening to terminate the rental contract if a rent reduction procedure is started, by turning off the hot water or by unplugging the internet. This type of bullying is not allowed and being able to talk business with your landlord is important to remedy these negative consequences. Huurteam Tilburg can support you with this.

Nevertheless, starting a procedure with the Rent Tribunal is never a legal reason to terminate a rental contract, but it can happen that an extension of a temporary contract becomes more difficult. Huurteam Tilburg will check whether the landlord is complying with the rental law. If not, Huurteam will advise you on the next steps you can take. 

In the event of 'sudden malfunctions' or intimidation, it is important to simply report this to the landlord. If he does not agree to with your report, you can, in some cases, claim a temporary reduction of the rental price. Do you have more questions about this? contact us for free legal advice.