My landlord wants to renovate my home. Does this have consequences for me?

A renovation of the house can have consequences for your rental contract, rent and service costs. Renovation is one of the reasons for terminating a lease, but there are guidelines that a landlord must adhere to. The landlord must be able to demonstrate that the renovation is necessary (for example, if the foundation is very poor). If it concerns a complex, the landlord must demonstrate that 70% of the residents want to move and agree with the plans, or else the landlord must request permission from the court for the renovation. If the landlord only wants to refurbish and increase the rent, that’s no reason to cancel!

In addition, a tenant must give permission for a renovation. The landlord is not allowed to just install new floors, window frames, larger bathrooms, etc. to increase your rent. This is not a renovation or major maintenance, but a home improvement. Be sure to contact us if this is the case.