There are a lot of scammers active on Facebook right now! That is why we share our most important tips again to prevent scammers. If you have questions, please contact us as soon as possible.

  1. Always ask to view the accommodation. Are you not in the Netherlands? Ask someone you know to do the viewing for you or ask the landlord to make a video of the property. Is the landlord hesitant? This might be a warning sign something is up.
  2. Don't view an accommodation alone. Make sure someone goes with you or at least knows where you are going and at what time.
  3. Never transfer money to an account of the landlord who states he's in a foreign country and therefore will send the keys at a later time. Be extra careful if a landlord wants you to transfer money to a non-Dutch bank account.
  4. Does the house and/or landlord really exist? You can check this by looking up the address on Google Maps or by requesting proof from the Land Registry ( Are you having trouble with this? Ask us to help you.
  5. Is the house legally rented? Can you register with more than three people in the same house (with the same house number) or are you not allowed to register at all? These are signs of illegal rental.
  6. Are you going to rent by subletting a room ? Make sure the current tenant has permission for this from the landlord. Request confirmation of this or the rental contract from the original tenant stating this.
  7. Found a new accommodation, ask for a concept rental agreement. Please read this agreement carefully to ensure you understand the implications stated. If your agreement is not in English (or another language you know), ask Huurteam Tilburg to check the rental agreement for you.
  8. Signed your new rental agreement? Ask for a receipt of the deposit..
  9. Before you actually move, plan a begin inspection of the property so you and the landlord both come to an agreement about the defects present on the day you moved in.

Questions? Find us via our contactform or make an appointment during our online consult.

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