My landlord allows me to sublet. What should I pay attention to?

  • As the main tenant (tenant who sublet to a new tenant) you are in principle the landlord for the new occupant of your living space. You must therefore comply with the regulations for landlords, such as a correct rent, split between the basic rent and the advance of the service costs, settle the service costs at the end of the year, pass on repair requests to your landlord, and so on. If you do not do this, you are liable as the main tenant for any discounts or fines;
  • Make agreements about municipal taxes. Because you are no longer a main user, the new tenant has to pay these costs, but they will (possibly) arrive in your name (by post). Make agreements about this and put them on paper;
  • Are you going away for longer than eight months? Then you are obliged to deregister from the Municipality. When you come back you have to register again. If you leave for less than eight months, you may remain registered. Please note: mail will then arrive at the subtenant!
  • Notify your household insurance that you are subletting! You often leave things behind when subletting. It is important to let your insurance know that someone else may be using your property. In the event of damage, it is necessary that the contents insurance knows this in advance. Also discuss what the subtenant should do in the event of damage, such as how quickly the subletter should notify you.

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